Travel Coffee Maker or use at office/Home- Great gift for Coffee Lovers

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    This Small device is designed to produce one shot of espresso at a time. Despite its size, the Minipresso  is capable of pumping hot water to a pressure of 8 bars, the same as many full-size espresso machines.
    The MiniPresso requires no external power, and is simply operated by hand. It may well be the most compact espresso machine in existence - if you’re an espresso fan on the go, the Minipresso is a very well designed choice.
    • Compact and featherweight: small, light and versatile handheld espresso machine with an innovative design and powerful extraction pressure for a rich and bold espresso. Comes equipped with built in espresso cup and scoop

    • Grind your own beans to and get more control over your coffee preparation, resulting in a quality espresso shot that will please even the most sophisticated coffee

    • You can use any variety of coffee bean/roast, granting flexibility to try new flavors

    • Efficient and easy to use semi-automatic piston that controls the amount of extracted coffee

    • Does not require compressed air or N2O cartridges to function and is hand operated so that you can prepare your coffee drinks even when there's no electricity

    • Great Gift for Coffee Lovers


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